Labour Lessons: Symbolic actions to accelerate culture change

Culture change

As the Labour Party enters its second week in government, it’s clear that they have carefully chosen some of their early actions to symbolise a shift in government culture. How can you use symbolic changes to speed-up culture change in your organisation?

Beyond Pride: What is next?

multicolored wall in shallow focus photography: pride DEI image

Another year’s Pride Month is done and dusted. Here is what Lior Locher and Dr Christy Allen recommend you do now to increase impact after key DEI initiatives.

Deloitte 2024 Gen Z and Millennial Survey reveals purpose-driven generation

woman standing under blue sky: Are you harming your business by shunning purpose

According to Deloitte’s Gen Z and Millennial Survey, today’s younger employees are highly purpose driven. If we don’t provide opportunities for our employees to find personal meaning in what they do, we risk being unable to attract or retain purpose-driven people who willingly go over and above for the business.

Return-to-office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

photo of herd of sheep: Return to office tribunals: How to avoid the battleground

As UK firms move away from remote working and back to office-based setups, there may be an uptick in tribunal cases as employees push back. What do employers need to be aware of to ensure they remain compliant? Danielle Ayres, Employment Partner from Primas Law, advises.

Dangerous HR liaisons: Threats, knives and throuples

brown coated monkey on branch: shocked by Dangerous HR liaisons

There’s a common misconception that HR’s role is limited to hiring and firing, but there is so much more to it than that. And many of the situations that an HR professional finds themselves dealing with are things that you’d never consider, even in your wildest dreams.

#BoredatWork: The TikTok trend that should terrify every employer

black pug puppy on brown wooden chair, Bored #Boredatwork

In a world where work has become fodder for viral memes, the hashtag #boredatwork has amassed over half a billion views on TikTok alone, showcasing the extent of employee disengagement. Culture expert Deborah Hartung shares 10 ideas for HR to buck the boredom trend.

Post Office: Was Paula Vennells the unluckiest CEO in the UK?

Post Office Horizon scandal, Paula Vennells inquiry

Former Post Office boss Paula Vennells has done a good job of showing leaders how to dish out a terrible apology, pass blame and NOT take accountability for organisational wrongdoings. In response, we ask three experts to tell us how CEOs should respond to organisational failings.

Tesco CEO pay: What’s the problem?

vegetables, fruits, peppers Tesco

The recent news of Tesco doubling the remuneration of its chief executive was met in the public square with concern and outrage. The furore underscores how hard it can be to reach agreement when the world we inhabit is complex and our view limited.

The business of HR: Navigating the strategic landscape

road between green grass field near mountains under blue and brown sky at golden hour. navigating the HR landscape

In this long read article, Hannah Gore explores the industry terrain in the wake of unprecedented change and highlights how HR professionals can become more business savvy to enable them to effectively navigate challenges, align with strategic goals and drive organisational success.

Sainsbury’s employee dismissed for ‘stealing’ a shopping bag

woman holding her face in dark room representing a stressful situation after dismissal after employee followed correct procedures and policies

Many are ‘baffled’ that a Sainsbury’s employee of 20 years was sacked for gross misconduct after accidentally stealing carrier bags. However, the employer was within its rights to take this action. This case underlines the importance of having clear policies and procedures in place.

Why it’s time to rebrand HR

brown and green mountains under blue sky during daytime representing a transformation and rebrand for HR

The changing nature of work and business models has applied pressure to HR to truly partner and enable the transformation. But with growing misconceptions of what HR is there to do, is now the time for a rebrand?

Winners announced for Culture Pioneer Awards 2023

Culture Pioneer winners 23

The time has finally arrived for us to reveal the winners of our 2023 Culture Pioneer Awards. Find out who went home with the trophies for their exceptional achievements in organisational culture change…