Why CQ may be more valuable than IQ


Having a culturally intelligent workforce is increasingly recognised as being hugely beneficial to teamwork, performance, communication and cooperation.

Workplace productivity: enabling our brains to be more productive at work


There are a number of factors that influence productivity and how effective our brains are during the working day. Unfortunately, the set-up in most organisations is the opposite of what it needs to perform at its best. Centuries ago, most workers would have been involved in manual labour and that work would have been limited […]

Employee wellbeing: how to support people with neurodiverse conditions


Employee wellbeing has never been so high up the corporate agenda. Here are some practical tips to help guide you through the challenges of supporting neurodiverse employees’ with their physical and mental health, both inside and outside of the workplace. Supporting employees in the workplace can sometimes feel like an overwhelming and difficult task, with […]

Nudging: what HR professionals should understand about behavioural science


Getting people to change their behaviour or make certain choices requires a ‘nudge’ – but how can HR teams make sure that they are not only nudging effectively, but ethically too? You may have noticed that there is a buzz around ‘nudging’, or behavioural economics as it is more formally called. You will doubtless have […]