Five benefits of remote onboarding software

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Onboarding is the crucial first chapter in an employee’s story with your company. So how can you ensure new hires move onto the second chapter and beyond? Here, we outline the advantages of leveraging remote onboarding technology.

Employee onboarding: a game changer for talent development and retention?


Organisations that have robust employee onboarding and talent management structures, which support continuous learning, will secure the committment of their employees. According to research published earlier this year, approximately a quarter of new employees, reported that they received no clear onboarding when starting a new job. Some even stated they had a truly bad experience; one in […]

Why onboarding is broken and how HR can fix it


When it comes to onboarding, too many organisations are stuck in the dark ages – and it’s costing them some of their top talent, according to new research. The processes we use to bring new hires into organisations aren’t working – they’re slow, outdated, inefficient and frustrating. This is the general picture that emerges from […]

Owning your onboarding strategy: why you need a holistic approach


A holistic pre-boarding and onboarding strategy is key to increasing employee loyalty – and it’s a long-term project, not a quick fix. As an employee, there’s nothing more nerve-wracking than starting the first day at a new job. It’s wrought with anxiety. Will your fellow colleagues like you? Will you get a clear sense of […]

Onboarding: why new starters need a ‘travel guide’


Joining a new company can be a bit like entering a foreign country, so how can we better translate the new language, customs and traditions for new starters during the onboarding process? When we go on holidays to a different country, we usually take a travel guide with us. We want to know the basics […]

Onboarding: How to succeed with your remote team


Hiring a remote candidate poses unique recruitment issues, so you need to search for dedicated and motivated workers, preferably with prior experience working remotely, who seem like a good fit for your culture.  Hiring checks will be for nought if you don’t apply the same care and special remote consideration to your employee onboarding process. Remote employees are […]

Onboarding in the flexible labour force era: is HR missing a trick?


Onboarding new employees into an organisation is now common practice. But what about the ever-growing flexible labour force? How do we ensure our approach enables these atypical workers to succeed? A new era of onboarding has arrived, and HR needs to adapt… The Cambridge dictionary defines onboarding as “the process in which new employees gain the knowledge and […]

Onboarding: 10 ways to make your new hires feel welcome from week 1


Whether you currently do anything about onboarding new hires or not, onboarding always happens. It’ll either happen naturally if left to itself, or you can shape it through a structured process. Either way, it will happen, leaving your new employees with a good, neutral or maybe even a bad impression of their team and the […]

Four key dates you need to cover in your onboarding process


Your newest hires have signed their contracts, sent in their payroll forms, and you’ve confirmed their schedules for the upcoming first day at the office. Isn’t it time to relax and go back to vetting new candidates for other open positions or take an extra-long coffee break? Probably not.