How do you know if your hybrid approach is working?

slow motion of of water symbolising a refreshed approach

Many organisations have got stuck in a ‘default’ approach to hybrid that isn’t fully serving the needs of the organisation, teams or individuals. Here’s a quick checklist to help you decide whether it’s worth refreshing your approach.

Five benefits of remote onboarding software

Remote setting. a road with a mountain in the background

Onboarding is the crucial first chapter in an employee’s story with your company. So how can you ensure new hires move onto the second chapter and beyond? Here, we outline the advantages of leveraging remote onboarding technology.

Is Lord Alan Sugar right about working from home?

Golden Retriever lying on bed

As the latest series of The Apprentice kicks off, Sir Alan Sugar is making the headlines (again) for his comments about remote workers. His recent statement that he will not be recruiting people who want to work from home will chime with the groundswell of CEOs calling employees back to the office – does he have a point?