The wild west of workplace wellbeing

a man riding on the back of a brown horse: wellbeing at work

What exactly is wellbeing and why does it matter? The truth is, workplace wellbeing is mid-evolution and the commercialisation of the concept is causing confusion. We need to remind ourselves of what workplace wellbeing really is.

Are we taking employee wellbeing too far?

woman stretching on mountain top during sunrise: are we taking wellbeing too far?

With growing concerns about the impact of hybrid working on connection, team management and culture, is the focus on individual wellbeing being prioritised over that of the needs of organisations and customers?

Are you instigating fear in the workplace?

brown eggs in a box: fear in the workplace

Many leaders acknowledge that fear is increasingly being seen in the workplace, due to financial concerns, global instability and issues around exclusion, but other leaders may themselves be the instigators of fear.

CIPD Festival of Work: Driving people with purpose to thrive

people walking on street during daytime

The HRZone team is excited for this year’s CIPD Festival of Work on 12-13th June. Its two jam-packed days are set to offer inspiration and guidance from industry experts, alongside enriching networking opportunities and immersive activities – all for free! Will we see you there?

How to train managers to be better wellbeing leaders

a white chair sitting on top of a wooden platform; Respresents a wellbeing leader

Line managers have a huge impact on the wellbeing of their team. Alongside fit-for-purpose health and wellbeing services and policies, leaders have a role to play in helping employees thrive and be at their most productive. Christine Husbands explores how to achieve this.