Coronavirus: How to work from home with kids at home


While there is some excellent advice out there at the moment about remote working during this unsettling time, one aspect is noticeably missing.  What if you’re trying to work from home alongside children? If schools begin to close and childminders, grandparents and other backup options are not available, you and your people could well find […]

Employee wellbeing: how to handle parental bereavement


What does the new right for parental bereavement leave and pay means for businesses and their employees? It is hard to imagine the pain of losing a child and the impact is has on a person. Grief can affect everyone differently, so if and when it happens to one of your employees, it can often […]

Flexible working: employers must ease the strain for working parents or lose the talent


Despite the introduction of shared parental leave, many organisations still hold outdated attitudes towards working parents and penalise people for having family commitments. If yours is one of them, you could be at risk of losing some of your top talent. Lack of true flexibility in the modern workplace is pushing working parents to breaking […]

Flexible working: why organisations must stop ignoring working fathers


It is becoming clear that millennial fathers are more active parents and want to be more involved day to day across all parenting areas.  This is borne out by our most recent research report looking at the Millennial Dad at Work and by previous research we conducted last year with over 1,200 dads across the […]

Women in the workplace: taking centre stage


Research shows that women need to feel supported in the workplace to overcome a fear of visibility. But what can organisations do to help women step out from the shadows? One dilemma for women is managing masculine work norms – being visible, speaking up, demanding a hearing – with female socialisation to be modest, keep quiet and be […]

Working parents are an absolute must for companies


Becoming a parent equips you with a huge range of transferable skills for the modern workplace, including networking, communication and time management. A new dad goes for an interview at a consultancy firm and hears: “There are two types of people, those who want to be home for bedtime, and those who don’t, and this job […]

No more guilt: new research shows common assumptions about working mothers are all wrong


At Academics’ Corner we explore the latest HR research coming out of the academic sector that HR professionals need to know about. Here, Jan Hills, Partner at Head Heart + Brian, outlines research on common assumptions about working mums. It’s time for working mothers to stop feeling guilty and start celebrating – new research shows that the children of working mothers […]