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The Couch?! asks “Are you a workaholic?”


Inspired by The Trades Union Congress (TUC) ‘Work Your Proper Hours" day, The Couch?! would like to know how many hours you spend in the office?

Are you a work bore? Do you work in the evenings and weekends? Have your family/friends forgotten what you look like? Are your colleagues your closest friends? Do you only see daylight from your office window? Check out The Couch?! top ten signs to watch out for…

You are a workaholic if…

1. you keep your slippers and tooth brush at work
2. there are crumbs on your keyboard – you eat all three meals at work at your desk
3. your colleagues out numbered your friends at your wedding
4. the majority of your wardrobe contains suits/work clothing
5. the security guards ask you advice on how to deactivate the alarm
6. your time in lieu is greater that your annual holiday entitlement (but you haven’t taken either)
7. you are under the misconception that nobody else can complete this task it has to be you
8. you regularly ask your assistant to lie for you (you set off for home five minutes ago!)
9. when the weekends a chance to get ahead
10. you are on first name terms with the cleaners

Christmas for the workaholic

  • when Christmas means you get to go shopping in your lunch hour
  • when Christmas means you get to take a turkey sandwich to work or work from your office at home

Holidays for the workaholic

  • if you choose destinations where your firm has a branch
  • you take your laptop/mobile phone/fax machine/printer with you and email your colleagues exactly where you will be at any one time
  • your postcard to the office has a task you wish to be carried out at the bottom
  • in all holiday snaps you are wearing your work clothes and carrying your laptop

The Couch?! team would like to hear how many hours you work a week. Please post a comment below…

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