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The Couch?! cooks in hells kitchen


Inspired by the TV programme hells kitchen the Couch?! team would like to hear about your dinner party disasters.

Have you ever found the leg of lamb you cooked in the dog basket, cleaned it up and served it? Have you ever had a dinner party and in the chaos of getting ready you put the ice-cream in the oven and the red wine in the freezer? Do your friends dread your dinner invitations as they never know what to expect for example the Bridget Jones blue soup incident?

Top ten cooking shockers

1. You forgot to turn the oven on!
2. You realise your guest of honour is vegetarian as you begin to serve up beef Wellington
3. After spending 7 hours trying to prepare fresh pasta (i.e. not from a packet) you then overcook as you greet your guests and there are polite smiles being exchanged around the room as you realize it tastes like a mouthful of wheat
4. You are so nervous about your boss arriving for dinner that you have a few to many glasses of wine while preparing the food, as you greet your guest you realize you are sozzled
5. You serve up your first ever homemade cake for your mother in law only to realize the middle of the cake is raw
6. You are witness to a Popcorn pinging incident which destroys your kitchen
7. You put your partner’s best croquery in the microwave (not being aware of the no metal rule) you stand back as your microwave makes pretty colours.
8. You get it right this time you prepare a vegetarian option in case one appears as if by magic you serve up your nut roast and from out of the blue everyone seems to have a nut allergy
9. As a guest at this dinner party your napkin makes a play for the nearest candle – fire
10. Having admitted defeat you send out for a take-away and dish it up as your own, hoping to conceal the evidence and just as you think you’ve got away with it the delivery man turns up to drop off the extra dish you’d forgotten just as the guests arrive …

So come on lets here it what have you dished up to unsuspecting guests? Or what have you been served up and tried hard to politely swallow? We would like to hear about your dinner party disasters.

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