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The Couch?! It ‘s a jungle out there!


Koala Bear
This week the Couch?! takes a trip through the office jungle exploring the animal inside us all. Are you the king of the jungle or are you at the bottom of the food chain? Perhaps you are a cute fluffy Koala who is calm cuddly but probably not very active.

Share with our community your animal magic and let us know if you had to choose an animal that most represents your characteristics which you’d be. Perhaps your animal doesn’t live in the jungle perhaps it lives in the stationery cupboard?

According to office angels survey over half of workers belong to the Lemur pack.

The Lemurs
This pack works together to survive and bond due to shared interests or friendship and are often first to know the office gossip:

  • Bright eyed and bushy tailed

  • Office gossip

  • Enthusiastic

  • Ambitious

  • Energetic

  • Charming

  • Positive (not to be trusted with personal issues)

The Koalas
Nearly a third of office workers claim to be in this pack. Koalas keep their cool when the workplace heat is on. Defined by routine this group of office workers prefers to be sleeping or eating than doing anything like hardwork, yet in stressful situations thy are calm and sensible:

  • Like routine

  • No ambition

  • Happy at their desk

  • Calm under pressure

  • Cling on to what they know best

  • Don’t like learning new things

The Elephants
The office veterans, elephants are the ones who have been there and done that. Comprising 15% of the office these so called life timers are happy plodding along and tend to be against change in the way they work:

  • Plodders

  • Against change

  • Thick skinned

  • Cooperative

  • Protective to office as whole

  • Reliable

  • Produce high quality work

The Hyenas
Only making up 5% of the office on the surface this group look like they work together as a pack but its members are more loners than team players:

  • Loners

  • Not communicators

  • Keep things close to their chest

  • Efficient

  • Diligent

  • Prepared to work long hours

  • Don’t delegate or share information

Other animal fun stuff:

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Annie Hayes


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