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The Couch?! What does your secret santa gift reveal about you?


Merry Christmas
The Couch?! team are investigating the office secret santa exchange this christmas. New research from Office Angels has revealed that the presents people pick for colleagues are in fact a telling insight into how they behave at work.

The research identified four distinct types of secret santa that according to psychologist and behavioural expert Judi James reveal true office colours:

38% Show-off Santas: are keen to impress
Often the life and soul of the Christmas party, show-off santas are most likely to deliberately leave the price tag on and be the first to announce they were the giver-revelling in the attention their present provides.

31% sensitive santas: are considerate and thoughtful
Careful and considerate, sensitve santas are by far the best gift giver. Despite the limitations of a set budget, sensitive santas will spend a great deal of time selecting a present they know their recipient will enjoy.

25% saucy santas: tend to be the office jokers
Up for a laugh all year round, saucy santas like to ‘spice it up a bit’ by buying shocking or inappropriate presents- regardless of who for.

6% scrooge like santas: are careful with their cash
Miserly and tightfisted, workers on the receiving end of a gift from a scrooge-like santa shouldn’t expect gold, frankincense and myrrh. This type of santa regards gimicky presents as a waste of money, with almost half of this group admitting to recycling old presents given to them the year before.

Top ten gifts given to the Couch team:-
1. Musical novelty figures
2. Executive toys
3. Champagne
4. Festive boxer shorts
5. Naughty playing cards
6. Whoopee cushion
7. Miniature bottle of alcohol
8. Socks
9. Something from the office (stationery)
10. Bottle of wine

So does your gift this year send the right message to your colleagues? Lets face it secret santa never remains a secret for long so make sure your gift speaks volumes.

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Annie Hayes


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