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This week in ‘I Hate My Job’ – October 7 2015


Each week in “I Hate My Job,” we bring you insights from the minds of disengaged workers across the Twittersphere. The biggest lessons is that there’s no one reason why people hate their jobs and why they’re disengaged.

Dissatisfaction is driven by personality, life circumstances, day-to-day stresses and much more. This is just a glimpse.

But each week we try to pick out a diverse set that illustrates all the things that turn people off to their workplace and employer. Perhaps they’ll inspire you to take action?

1. Flattery will not get you a job you love

2. Another vote for the ‘Email is the spawn of Satan’ camp (and isn’t it about time we went social anyway?)

3. Oh, and another one…

4. ..and that’s a bad thing?

5. The little things make no difference when the big things aren’t right

6. It’s amazing just how much job satisfaction influences life satisfaction

7. Newsflash: people want to actually work at work!

8. Lack of respect must be nipped in the bud – has it become worse with multiple generations in the workplace?

9. Senior Plughole Filler?

10. Just seems to come earlier every year, doesn’t it?


Author Profile Picture
Jamie Lawrence

Insights Director

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