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Top 10 principles of Employee Development!


I would be most grateful for Managers & Officers in HR/Personnel to give me, what they feel is their top 10 principles of Employee Development. I must emphasis an urgent response to this. Thank you for you time and contribution, it is most appreciated.

Email – [email protected]

Darren Cairns

3 Responses

  1. Here’s 8 Principles…
    1. Maximise the delegate contribution. Most often that’s where the best lessons lay.
    2. Evaluate. At least twice if you have the luxury of time.
    3. Ensure that there is support and buy in from the Board.
    4. Employee development is as important as any other business function, and should be constantly promoted as such.
    5. Make sure development is usable in the business, or prepare to lose staff.
    6. Allow for diversity of learning styles.
    7. Development should be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
    8. Encourage challenge to developmental goals.

  2. Sorry only got 5!
    1. Follow up appraisals and feedback, don’t just do them becasue they are company policy.
    2. Allow employees to be actively involved in their own development – don’t tell them how to develop, thats’ just teaching!
    3. If you say you are going to do something to help the development of an employee, do it, don’t just fob them off, that is obvious to them and others, and will casue demotivation and uncommitted staff.
    4. Develop everyone, not just managers!
    5. Sometime the obvious skills are not worth developing and sometimes they are, be careful when chosing what to develop and consider why? – for the company or the individual, or both?

  3. top 10 principles
    In no particular order here is my top 10:
    1. Have faith
    2. Listen
    3. Practice
    4. Be childlike
    5. Explore
    6. Accept that solutions are not the answer
    7. Finish before you finish

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