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It’s been quite a decade online here at HRzone, and we’ve seen a lot of legislation, political issues and other fun and games as human resources has gone from ‘personnel’ to ‘HR’ and witnessed changes in employment law from equality to paternity, recruitment advertising, health and safety and employer liability. Employment law is still a hugely important issue for HR as proved by our top 10 below – six out of the 10 are  from our employment law section.

In a Top of the Pops (but more HR) style, here are your top 10 of 2010, starting with 10:

10. Showing a sign of the times, this redundancy guide proved popular in 2010.

9. Layla Bunni, employment lawyer extraordinaire, makes her first (but not her only) appearance in our top ten with the case of the bullying line manager.

8. Chris Nutt asks; “Is organisational development a schizophrenic profession?” in this strategic piece.

7. Another employment law piece – this time a briefing on the ‘right to train’ was the issue at large.

6. Demonstrating that HR is interested in metrics and new cloud technology, this piece entitled ‘Have you got Saas?’ was a winner at number six.

5. The legislation of the year: our guide to the Equality Act was the 5th most-read piece this year.

4. Once we cascaded down the idea throughout the organisation, did some blue-sky brainstorming and royally took the mickey out of business jargon, this fun piece ended up at #4 in our chart!

3. And at number three, yes, Layla has done it again with this topical piece on what to do with the employee who committed a facebook fail.

2. As we battle through the snow and expect a white Christmas (some of us for the 2nd year running) our snow-nonsense guide to coping with extreme weather was number two.

1. The most popular article this year was another employment law themed piece – our legal lowdown on the Equality Act was the winner.

Thanks for reading, blogging, voting, commenting, tweeting, linking and meeting us this year. It’s been brilliant having you here. Have a wonderful festive period: we’ll be putting up some features over the festive season for your perusal and then will focus on making 2011 a great one from January onwards.

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Charlie Duff


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