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Training on the Chain Gang


A new team-building activity based on the notion of chain gangs is being touted as the ultimate way to build staff camaraderie while also helping firms meet their corporate social responsibilities.

The activity, from training group Una Perform, sees staff spending a week chained together while carrying out tasks such as road sweeping and trimming hedges.

Avril Green, CEO of Una Perform, says that a host of blue chip companies have sent teams on the courses with spectacular results.

Green said: "The idea is that team members are chained together for 10 hours a day. Many of the team members have 'issues' with each other, but the level of co-operation needed when you are chained together at the ankle means that those differences are resolved pretty quickly.

"Practically speaking, if one person is trying to pick up a crisp bag and the other needs to reach a glass bottle a yard away, the two can either keep straining at the chain and getting nowhere, or they can co-operate and take it in turns. It seems straight forward, but the lesson is learnt."

She added that since the first courses were carried out in Surrey, local authorities are now queuing up for the team-building activity to come to their neighbourhoods.

"One of the great added benefits of this course is the environmental benefits for the community and for many companies this course also fulfils the need for corporate social responsibility," Green added.

Una Perform have now released details of their next set of courses to take place during May. They are: Alderley, Pensance, Rhyl, Ilford, Leicester, Fleet, Oxford, Orpington and Lichfield.