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Veggie practice adopts non-carnivore recruitment policy


In a novel attempt to differentiate itself in the marketplace, Chingford-based accountancy firm Jackson & Jackson has become the first practice to earn the official approval of the Vegetarian Society.

The firm, which is entirely vegetarian, applied and received the accreditation which allows it to display the Vegetarian Society’s “seedling” symbol on its promotional material. Usually the Vegetarian society requires companies to submit their products for approval to show that all the ingredients comply with its standard.

This assessment process was not exactly appropriate for a professional services firm, so instead Jackson & Jackson signed a licence agreement with the society that it would abide by its policies.

The firm has a non-carnivore recruitment policy and supports other vegetarian organisations, for example in using a vegan Web designer and vegan Web hosting organisation.

Since receiving the approval, partner Hartley Jackson said, “We have seen an unprecedented increase in the number of vegetarian clients on our books.”

The “About” page on the Jackson & Jackson website affirms: “Our business is owned by vegetarians although we welcome both vegetarian and non-vegetarian clients.”

CIPD diversity adviser, Dianah Worman told HRZone: “In my opinion this doesn’t make sense. There is a serious war for talent going on out there but Jackson and Jackson seem to be introducing a characteristic that isn’t job related. On the one hand you could say there are vegetarians who form a diverse mix but what about the meat-eaters they might also be equally mixed!”

3 Responses

  1. Carnivores
    If the firm is only discriminating against carnivores, there should be little problem. I know of no humans who are carnivores. Humans are omnivores, as conclusively indicated by the layout and shape of their teeth.

  2. Discrimination
    This sounds like blatant discrimination against meat eaters. If an organisation with a religious ethos can’t legally discriminate against people from other religions, and tobacco firms don’t discriminate against non-smokers, why should a company with a food-consumption ethos be allowed to discriminate against people who consume other foods?

    The world must be going mad!

  3. hypocrisy
    What a funny and ridicukous story – If they will only employ vegetarians, why are they happy to have non-vegetarian clients!!! If they dont want to pay carnovores, they shouldn’t take their money.

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