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What happened next? Dealing with Drugs…continued. By Sarah Fletcher


Read on to discover the outcome and learning points of this drug-driven situation; and how the members’ forum responded to the problem.

Which sources of information did you find the most useful?
We used the experience of our team, to be honest. They have seen it all before.

What would you have done differently with hindsight?
We should have acted sooner. We knew he was partying too hard from November and particularly in the lead up to Christmas. I knew that he was not popping an occasional pill but taking a lot of Ketamine and MDMA. Whilst I said to him a few times that he ought to cool it, I should have been more direct with him then, but I had hoped that he would rest over Christmas and reassess his life himself.

Was the outcome satisfactory for all parties?
No. Obviously there is a sort of sense of failure on my part, but at the end of the day we have worked extremely hard to support him, we have thrown our most senior resources at him and yet he continued to delude himself that he was okay.

Are there any other learning points?
Once you notice the signs, act quickly. One thing I have learned from this job is to be direct and see the signs quickly and ask direct questions about what they are taking and social habits.

How to deal with this grievance – advice offered by members:

  • Lisa Hodge says sometimes you have to back off and let them self-destruct.
  • Nik Kellingley believes if the employee won’t admit they have a problem, disciplinary action is the only option.

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