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What happened next? Stubbing out smoking… continued. By Sarah Fletcher


Read on to learn more about how Lucy Hibbert addressed her problem of staff smoking.

How are you going to evaluate its success?
I suppose the easiest way will be if anyone quits smoking! I think though after the presentation and workshops and once people have finished and attend the courses I will send out a “happy sheet” to see what they thought etc. This way we can get some interesting feedback and see if doing the same annually would be beneficial?

Which sources of information did you find the most useful?
“I think the feedback I got from other members was helpful and definitely pointed me in the right direction. My local NHS also informed me of other initiatives they could help us with; such as healthy eating, exercise and dealing with stress in the workplace.”
Are there any other learning points?
“If the smoking programme goes well and is well received, hopefully we may be able to tackle something like healthy eating or exercise.”

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Advice offered by members:

  • Juliet LeFevre sees such a strategy as a pointless financial drain for what is essentially an issue personal to the individual.
  • SR encourages Lucy’s programme, seeing smoking as a time wasting and nauseating habit – repeated cigarette breaks and clothes that smell of smoke are not conducive to a good working environment.
  • Iain Young advises imposing a blanket ban on smoking in the workplace, including when using company vehicles, and then increasing the working hours for smokers – a “great incentive to give up”.
  • Paul Powell recommends Alan Carr’s guide to quitting.
  • Lisa Hodge points Lucy in the direction of her local NHS trust.

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