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Will you get the day off work for the Jubilee on June 4th?


The Jubilee year has started quietly, but Robin Cook has done his best to encourage public enthusiasm, by promoting June 4th as an extra day of paid holiday.

He was prompted by Labour MP Peter Pike during questions in the commons, who said that “many mean-minded employers have no intention to pay their hourly-paid workers for the public holiday declared for the Queen’s Jubilee this year.”

Mr Cook rallied to the opportunity, replying: “I would agree that, given that the Bank Holiday declared for Tuesday, June 4, is to commemorate the jubilee of Her Majesty, we would expect all patriotic employers to make sure their employees could enjoy that day and enjoy that day with pay.”

So it’s up to employers to decide. What do you think? Should we be celebrating? Or do we just deserve another day off?

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