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Women should not be afraid to seek senior posts


ComputerWomen are being urged today to use their skills and experience to benefit hundreds of national public bodies from English Partnerships to the Audit Commission.

Speaking at the Public Appointments seminar in London today, Appointments Minister for the Department for Transport, Local Government and the Regions, Sally Keeble, told delegates that women should not be afraid to seek senior posts in public life.

"Women participate equally alongside men in all walks of life and are therefore affected equally by the work of our public bodies, but this is not reflected in their position on them. It is right therefore, that we should strive for equal representation of men and women in this important area."

Ms. Keeble said that progress has been made in opening up appointments to all sections of society but more needs to be done to achieve greater equality and diversity in public life.

"It is going to take a great deal of effort over the next few years if we are going to achieve our objectives – that is, that our boards will be truly representative of society both in terms of their balance and diversity."

The Minister for Women, Sally Morgan, said:

"Women have the skills needed for a public appointment including project management, interpersonal skills and the ability to get things done. At local level thousands of women are doing a great job as school governors and on the boards of health trusts and other organisations.

"But at national level only 33 per cent of posts are taken by women, our aim is to see women make the jump from local to national. Women can not only make a valuable contribution to public life they also gain valuable experience to add to their CVs, particularly if they've taken time out of work to care for their children."

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