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Work-based learning


This page indexes the various information and resource services currently available throughout HR Zone on the subject of Work-based learning. It is one of several Professional Themes where we are categorising the services available from the site.


Within the HR Zone and TrainingZONE Resources areas there are a number of dedicated areas relating to Work-based learning:


  • We display a wide range of positions available for people in HR and Training roles in support of work-based learning in our CareerZONE jobs pages.

  • For businesses looking to recruit from a highly targetted audience in our professional communities we also run a Recruitment Resource Centre

News and Information:

We regularly cover the issue of work-based learning in our TrainingZONE news pages. Enter ‘work-based learning’ into the Search box on that page to list relevant stories.

Here’s a selection of article titles:

  • Case study: Developing retail managers across islands
  • TSC final report: Improvements still needed, but in-house training does best
  • Action Learning scores a hit with HR and training professionals
  • NTO Council: We weren’t consulted over Key Skills reforms
  • The Learning Summit: Ken Mayhew, Director, SKOPE on ‘high skills’

Community Features:

If you’ve got a question about any aspect of work-based learning, why not post it to Any Answers? where responses are sent back to you direct.

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