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‘Work rage’ spreads as stress takes hold


Anger at work is increasing, according to a law expert that says as many as eight in 10 workers suffer from ‘work rage’.

Peninsula employment law service reported that seven in 10 believe verbal and yelling abuse is common in the workplace.

In further bad news, 91% of those affected said that co-workers failing to pull their weight is the main cause of work rage.

Deb Gibbons, head of diversity at Peninsula, said work rage can be evident in a number of ways from swearing, shouting and yelling through to verbal abuse, threats or attacks.

“By determining the causes, an employee can do something about it. It’s very easy for someone to lose their temper but before you do, bite your tongue and think about what the cause is.

“If it’s stress orientated then workers need to sit down with management to discuss the problem because it’s something that is not going to just go away. However if it’s a problem with an associate or a co-worker then it’s time to sit down with that person and discuss the problem. If that is not possible then ask a co-worker or a member of management to mediate.”

Gibbons suggests employers implement a zero tolerance approach to cap workplace rage by prohibiting verbal abuse or threats of violence and suggests that employees are encouraged to take breaks and eat lunch.

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