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Work worries ‘cloud’ holiday rest


A shocking 85% of workers admit to worrying about work even when they’re on annual leave.

These are the findings from Peninsula employment law firm.

And according to their survey, not only are most workers worrying about work when holidaying but 69% are also concerned that their jobs won’t be there when they get back.

All this results in over half (52%) who feel they won’t be able to take advantage of their full holiday allowance over the course of the year while for the 85% who say they have to work more hours in the run up to taking leave, they might just think the whole thing isn’t worth it.

Peter Done, managing director of Peninsula said it was ‘amazing’ that so many workers fail to take advantage of their holiday entitlements:

“The workplace is a stressful environment for every worker and time needs to be taken out to unwind and relax away from the stresses. This can only benefit the employee and in turn benefit the employer. In order for an employer to have a workplace of motivated staff, they must look at ways of prompting employees to take their allocated holiday time to recharge their batteries and feel revitalised to work.”

Done referred to the news that workers worry that they will be stripped of their jobs on return from leave as ‘unhealthy’.

“Employers should encourage their employees to take their holidays. Reassure them that their jobs are secure and that they should not worry whilst away on vacation. Employers need to make sure that their employees feel secure at work. Unless compulsory do not cancel staff holiday and do not force workers to work through them. Employees are an asset to the company they make the business work. Reward and reassure them and you will find you will get the best out of them.”

A total of 2884 employees were quizzed for the survey.

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