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Workers go the extra mile in hope of promotion


Promotion prospects are the key reason why employees put in extra effort at work; reveals a new survey.

Recruitment giant Manpower surveyed 1,113 people as part of their search for ‘Britain’s Most Valued Employee’.

The majority of workers (90%) say they regularly put more effort into their job than is expected of them while two thirds admit to frequently doing unpaid overtime.

Once again, money has not been found to be the key motivator. Manpower’s survey reveals that only 10% of respondents selected financial rewards as the reason they put in extra effort at work while over half said that career progression and the prospect of promotion was the real motivator.

Recent surveys have found that cash-rewards no longer have the pull they once did. Findings from Sterry Communications recently showed that workers are prevented from quitting their jobs because they like their colleagues too much, a finding backed up by Manpower who say that 32% cite their co-workers as the reason they put in additional effort at work; while the Watson Wyatt Total Reward Survey 2004 showed that non-financial rewards including career development and flexibility, as well as pay have the greatest influence on employee behaviours.

Charles Ashworth, Director at Manpower UK said:

“In our quest to find the nation’s most valued employee, we wanted to understand exactly what motivates the general public to work above the required level.”

“Whilst it’s great to see that people are focused on their long term career goals, what is really interesting is that over a third of people put in extra effort for the benefit of their colleagues and team mates.

Winners of Manpower’s ‘Unsung Heroes’ will be treated to an all-inclusive seven-night holiday for two to Mexico.

Entries must be submitted by 29 October 2004. See Manpower for further details.

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