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Writing great 360 degree feedback


360 degree feedback and performance appraisals both depend on the ability of respondents (often the line manager) to write great feedback comments.

I have been handling a number of debrief sessions recently and it was interesting how reliant I was on the narrative feedback section of the 360 to give me an insight into the feedback. That led me to consider again – what makes good feedback?

Here are my thoughts on how to write comments when you are a respondent on 360 feeedback

* The feedback should illuminate how you have scored a particular section.
* The feedback should provide some evidence or examples that illustrate the impact of the behaviour
* The feedback should generally be dispassionate – emotion often obscures meaning when read later
* The feedback should be relevant and timely. Rarely is it useful to be reminded of an event 12 months ago
* The feedback should be concise and to the point. Needless background information loses the message
* For me, I think feedback is better in the first person.

Many of us will have attended courses where we are advised that the best way to give feedback is to have a “When you ….it …..”. E.g. When you are dismissive of a plan it results in your direct reports no longer bringing ideas to you.

Brendan Walsh

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