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50 top tweets from Learning Technologies 2014

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Learning Technologies took place on January 29th and 30th 2014. It's one of Europe's largest events dedicated to the use of technology in the world of L&D, although at this year's event there was a large focus on 'back to basics' learning – how we learn, what makes people motivated to learn, etc.
There were some incredible speakers, including – my favourite – Beau Lotto from University College London, who analysed our own perceptions of reality and pretty much deconstructed everything we think we know! Pretty incredible stuff.
You can check out HRZone's full live coverage here. Below are 50 of the top tweets from the event across the Twittersphere. The hashtag for the event was #lt14uk.
  1. To make storytelling compelling "keep making promises" –usablelearning
  2. Yammer is for "people to tell great stories about how they actually put things into practice" –LightbulbJo
  3. In orgs we need a learning environment where it's safe to fail and therefore try and practice things we might not be good. -kategraham23
  4. "Play" only behaviour in life were uncertainly is seen as positive. Behaviour itself is reward. A way of being we need to encourage -ei_osheedy
  5. Beware the storyteller who let's the story get in the way of the facts. -designedlearnin
  6. Checking the validity of knowledge is what we should be teaching our kids. -timbuckteeth
  7. Six minutes is how long the average teenager can concentrate on homework before switching to a tech distraction. –HRZone
  8. "We emphasise efficiency at the expense of creativity" and we need to find space in the middle. -LightbulbJo
  9. So what does high quality learning look like, how can we practice and become great? One word – feedback. -kategraham23
  10. "Do 10% of the courses properly, rather than 100% poorly." Let some things fall away in order to improve the important. -ActeonMB
  11. Get people trained on using the system – help them up that learning curve – and you will avoid a lot of resistance. -olliegardener
  12. Are there reluctant learners, or just learners reluctant to engage in your solutions? -LnDDave
  13. Rules for change – fun, motivation, memory, feedback, repetition, two-way street. -simoncbrown1
  14. To remember you need to relate to meaning to engage longer term memories. -HRGore
  15. Don't get hung up about people ditching your mobile learning content when it's stopped being immediately useful to them. -BrightTweet
  16. Love this quote from time management talk on myth of tech as time saver. Would you ask someone to operate a car who can't drive? -sashers
  17. M&S found that managers were very task-focused and customers needed a different type of behaviour from employees. -HRZone
  18. Chance favours the connected company. -charlesjennings
  19. Content creation connects collaborative & cooperative behavious. Individuals can connect through ongoing sense-making. -olliegardener
  20. 'The wrapping paper around content determines our response to that content.' I like this phrasing. -stephaniededhar
  21. 6 minutes is the average attention span of the teenager before turning to technology. -Asi_DeGani
  22. "When I think I know enough about a subject, I stop learning. But the world continues to evolve around me." -briansolis
  23. What is stopping staff from online learning? 45% say uninspiring content. -SabaSoftware
  24. It isn't the past that holds us back, it's the future, and how we undermine it today. -timbuckteeth
  25. Even the best design and innovation that's happening now is based on legacy eg the best UX design is still about web clicks. -kategraham23
  26. "People want to be very good at things right away, and if not they think they're talentless." -HRZone
  27. Intelligence is knowing when to act and think quickly, and when to act and think slowly – Robert Sternberg. -timbuckteeth
  28. We have to lead upwards – contrasts strongly with traditional leadership model – power is with those who use technology. -alc47
  29. 'People will forget what you said/did but never how you made them feel.' -stephaniededhar
  30. Apparently a person's attention span when landing on a web page is 8 seconds. -excelmate
  31. The future is how we recognise human value. -AndrewJacobsLD
  32. When your obvious isn't obvious to other people, THAT'S talent in storytelling. -HRZone
  33. Remember, stories are not always bad, or about conflict. Drama is one person changed by another. -Designs_JoanK
  34. Mistaking comprehension for competence is a big one -> and confidence, I believe. -shackletonjones
  35. A professional network is an investment; you get out of it what you put into it. -LnDDave
  36. Anything interesting begins with doubt. -CedricBorzee
  37. "To lead is to teach and to teach is to shapes another's history" 1. Lead by example 2. Admit mistakes & 3. Seek quality in others. -ei_osheedy
  38. "When I pick up a pen, I realise I've lost muscle memory in my fingers." It's Digital Darwinism. -HRZone
  39. Our inability to push forward is what holds us back. The next ten years will either happen to us or because of us. -arelearning
  40. We are surrounded by legacy. Legacy systems, processes, tools – and the future isn't just about upgrades, we need to rethink things. -kategraham23
  41. 'I don't know anyone who, if they wanted to put up shelves in autumn, would take a DIY class in Spring.' -shackletonjones
  42. Reverse mentoring is fostering understanding and mutual empathy and collaboration between disparate generations. -olliegardener
  43. "Learning is an experience, not a process, and creating an experience takes design." -Inddave
  44. If execs are most vocal on social network, are they being accessible or quashing staff using an open communication channel? -LightbulbJo
  45. The people who sneer at social media are busy spewing out 40 page reports that few read. -donaldclark
  46. Generation C represents a digital lifestyle not an age group. c is connected. -ebase
  47. Generation C is not bound by age. It's about who is connected now. -timbuckteeth
  48. Everyone thinks of changing the world; no-one thinks of changing themselves – Leo Tolstoy. -martincouzins
  49. "Questions create uncertainty and we evolved to hate uncertainty." -HRZone
  50. Do not underestimate importance of trust in successful implementation. Without this everything becomes difficult. -olliegardener

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