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After ER, HR – the tv series

The intrigue, adventures and romance of human resources is to be immortalised on the small screen – probably.
A pilot for a new US television show, called simply and emphatically, HR, has been given the go-ahead, hoping no doubt to follow in the success of the equally succinctly and dramatically named ER. 
But can human resources match the emergency room for thrills and tear-jerking intensity?
Will there be the corporate equivalent of a Dr Doug Ross – perhaps a maverick finance director, with a messed up personal life but a whizz with the P&L?
Will the chief executive match the the acerbic unpleasantness of ER chief of staff Dr Romano?
Will we care?
The plot details are a little hazy, but the central character, an uptight HR director of a global firm, will be played by Alicia Silverstone of Clueless fame. 
In HR, Silverstone’s character decides to toss the corporate rule book out of the window when a brain injury alters her outlook. Instead, she persuades the company to strive for new ambitions and profits. 
Which all sounds suspiciously like corporate social responsibility. 

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