From an unusual fear of crowded locations or open areas to a chronic fear of spiders or social situations,public speaking,meeting, many of us have phobias above-common fears which reason in undue anxiety and can even bog a person down in the manner they behave or lead their lives. When national figures indicate that some 70% of us will suffer and emotional illness at some point in our life, Illness such as Anxiety, Stress, Panic disorders and fear or phobia, do you know how many of your employees may be suffering right at this moment.

Many of these illnesses can cause the sufferer to develop as an exaggerated and unrealistic feel of risk about a state of affairs or object, people tend to organise their lifestyles around keeping off that issue that’s causing them anxiety, as well as restricting their day-to-day existence and develop avoidance techniques in the hope of keeping the secret away form family, friends and work colleagues. Many sufferers use avoidance techniques in the hope that the issue will go away in the same way it just seemed to appear.This is not the case and rarely happens, in fact it will just progressively worsen and worsen until the sufferer will ether need to have long term sickness to deal with high anxiety issues or a break down, or maybe leave that employment and make big life changes, so that they can carry on avoidance of the facing the issues that need to be dealt with. 

The staff member how happens to always go sick when required to attend meetings, or do a client visit.A staff member that can never be found when doing a task at heights, this list could go on and on. All having an impact not only on their life but also the business. After all a staff member who is currently suffering a fear of crowded spaces or public speaking is not going to perform that well and get the best out of meetings or conferences. 

If avoidance of the item, activity or situation triggers a phobia or anxiety that does interfere with rational and regular lifestyles, or prevents them from doing things you should or would normally do it is time to seek help.

By way of using clinical hypnotherapy, a therapist will evaluate the extent of the phobia and then using a number of techniques to work with the subconscious mind is capable of quickly and effectively releasing a client of a phobia.

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