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Ask the wellness experts: A Q&A with Bupa


When it comes to engaging employees, looking after their health is the ultimate way to prove you care about their wellbeing. Enabling them to access high quality healthcare and preventative medicine from a top quality source like Bupa says something about how you treat your employees – and you can be sure they will become a happier, more engaged, productive, and, most importantly, healthier workforce. What’s more,  Bupa can help you measure the improvements and reduce absenteeism. Read on to discover why you need to invest in the health of your employees.

1. Why invest in Health checks?
Answer: Health checks provide individuals with specific information about the health risks that affect them, offering a powerful incentive to take positive action; seeking treatment or making changes in the way they live. Secondly, employers benefit from a healthier, happier, more motivated workforce. Despite perceived high costs and ongoing financial commitment, there is a major pressure on HR to offer innovative, cost-effective rewards that genuinely motivate employees.

2. How can you measure the success of a benefit such as HAs?
Answer: According to the Bupa Health Assessment customer satisfaction surveys, 77% of those that attended one of our assessments thought better of their employer as a result and 88% agreed that it shows their employer cares about their health. Research shows that satisfied, motivated employees positively influence organizational performance. Businesses that want to attract and retain talent need to rethink their attitude towards the meaning of commitment and loyalty.

3. Why choose Bupa?
Answer: At Bupa, we look at individual risks and provide a programme to decrease that risk rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to assessing someone’s health. Through our various health assessments which are tailored to individuals from varied backgrounds, customers can expect same day results for many tests and up to an hour’s consultation time with a doctor to discuss their results.

4. What does a Bupa health check include?

  • a medical history and lifestyle questionnaire,
  • a physical examination and a consultation with a doctor (or other health professional), 
  • the opportunity to ask questions and discuss concerns, 
  • most test results available on the day of the assessment,
  • a personalised health report usually available on the day, 
  • an action plan with practical advice to help minimise health risks and
  • access to 47 Wellness centres throughout the UK.

5. Why should HR invest in the health of their workers?
Answer: There are many advantages for HR departments that adopt a proactive approach to dealing with issues around productivity and morale: reduced sickness absence, improved productivity and improved staff satisfaction. HR need to adopt a proactive approach to health, to ensure issues such as productivity and morale do not become problems for business. For those businesses that choose Bupa, the responsibility of launching, promoting, advising and booking assessments lies with Bupa. We take the responsibility away from you, leaving you confident that you are receiving the best we can offer in protective and proactive healthcare

6. What is the impact of not adopting a health and wellbeing strategy for your employees?
Answer: Failure to identify the symptoms of ill health within the workforce can have long-term effects on the employer, employee and UK plc.  The annual costs of sickness absence and presenteeism alone were estimated to be over £100 billion in the UK in 2008. 
Source: Working for a healthier tomorrow (2008) Dame Carol Black’s review of the health of Britain’s working age population. Available from

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