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Average public sector pay rise: zero percent!


While most public sector workers are having to endure ongoing pay freezes, their private sector peers are getting average 3% boosts – and only six out of every 100 such staff are getting no pay rises at all.

The findings come from the latest look at British pay from researchers Incomes Data Services.
It says the median level for pay deals in the private sector in the three months to the end of June was 2.9%, up from 2.5% in the three months to May, with third sector staff getting 1.3% – and zero in the public sector.
if you work in manufacturing you’re most likely to be getting that full 3% boost, compared to 2.5% in private services; across the whole economy, with most settlements in the 2-2.99%.
“Employees’ experiences in respect of annual pay awards are very different in the private and public sectors," commented Ken Mulkearn, Editor of the IDS Pay Report.
"The median level of awards has risen in the private sector, though it is still some way behind inflation. Meanwhile, in the public sector the policy of freezing basic pay for most staff means that for many, the squeeze on incomes is even greater.”
But as inflation currently stands above that 3% rate (RPI says it’s 5%, and 4.2% according to the Consumer price Index) even a 3% rise means living standards for most employees are deteriorating.

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