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Big Brother star Craig tells how to make charities the winners


Big Brother star, Craig Phillips, today joined forces with Treasury Minister, Melanie Johnson, to plunge the taxman into a bath of cold, baked beans at the launch of a Government campaign to double the amount of money given to charities through the payroll.

Whether it's bungee jumping or sitting in a bath of beans, people do some crazy things to raise money for charity. What most people don't realise is that there is a far easier, more tax effective way to make donations to your favourite charity – by getting your employer to deduct regular amounts from your pay.

Donations made through the Payroll Giving scheme are deducted before tax, so a £10 gift costs donors just £7.80 – £6 for higher rate taxpayers. In addition, the Government will add 10 pence to every pound given through the payroll until April 2003, so a donation of £10 is worth £11 to charities.

Craig said, "Not everyone gets the opportunities I've had to raise money for a cause close to their heart. Giving money through your pay packet may not seem as exciting as spending 64 days in a house with Anna and Darren, but I assure you that your favourite charity will really benefit. For that reason, I am delighted to lend my support to the Payroll Giving campaign."

Economic Secretary to the Treasury Melanie Johnson said, "Stunts such as sitting in a bath of beans might not suit all of us, but that does not mean we are any less generous when it comes to giving money to charity. Many companies already offer Payroll Giving schemes, but many more do not or operate schemes that could be made more successful. With tax relief and the Government's extra 10%, there has never been a better time to give to charity through the payroll."

Carol Boys, Chief Executive of the Down's Syndrome Association, welcomed the Government's campaign, "I'm sure I speak on behalf of all charities when I say that we are grateful for all of the donations we receive. However, the advantage we have when people give through their payroll is that we receive a regular income. This enables us to forecast how much money we will receive, which in turn means we can plan what we do with that money. There are no limits on how little or how much a person can donate and they decide which charity gets their donation."

See further background reading on Payroll Giving and an introduction to Workplace Giving.

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