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Blog: Five tips on how best to recruit Generation Y


By 2020, the Millennial generation will account for 50 per cent of the working population and will represent the majority of the workforce.

As Millennials consume information in different ways than their Gen X and Boomer counterparts, it’s no longer enough for companies to connect to potential employees via traditional communications channels such as newspapers and online job boards.
Rather, organisations need to reach out to potential recruits with the same social web tools they use in their everyday lives to communicate, collaborate and connect with one another.
Organisations can recruit a variety of suitable talents by enhancing their online profiles and spearheading  communications recruitment campaigns via social networks.
Robert Yue, Country Manager at SuccessFactors Australia, shares his top five tips for recruiters to consider when engaging the Millennial workforce as we move into the 2020 workplace.
  1. Companies should consider how their social media profile will be perceived by new talents. Millennials rely on online resources to conduct research and will take into account your social media communications when they form their opinions of the corporate brand. To attract the right candidates, organisations need to engage them through consistent and relevant messaging.
  2. For Millennials, attractive organisations are those that offer a standardised set of digital literacy skills to help them develop their online skills. Organisations that are able to demonstrate that they can offer the latest technologies and opportunities to learn will have the upper hand in attracting the best talents.  
  3. The Millennial generation will seek out employers who communicate strong company morals and values. Organisations should focus on communicating their vision and mission with potential new employees, as well as demonstrate what differentiates them from other employers through various social networks.
  4. Millennials want to see a clear career path with their future employers. With this in mind, organisations should consider appropriate methods to help define career paths and provide career customisation to ensure the new Millennials are engaged and working toward clear, well-defined and achievable goals. Using succession planning tools, organisations can not only effectively plan and track the progress of their workforce, but also make sure they are developing their talent internal appropriately.
  5. If you think great candidates are already impatient, wait until 2020 when everyone wants instant feedback regarding any online activity, especially in recruiting. If your systems aren’t ready to offer a candidate an instant job offer when they apply, you might not be able to compete for talent in the future. Many recruiting platforms will evolve using the candidates pre–vetted profiles, screening scores, and possibly an instant online interview, should they meet the requirements, to capture the instant interest of high potential candidates.

Dr Karie Willyerd is chief learning officer at Software-as-a-Service-based human capital management applications provider, SuccessFactors, an SAP company.

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Karie Willyerd

Chief Learning Officer

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