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Francois Guay

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Blog: On-boarding as a first step to cutting staff attrition rates


Companies work so hard at recruiting the best talent, rolling out the red carpet, increasing original offers, offering bonuses and other perks to attract the right candidates.

But once you’ve signed on the dotted line kiss the best behaviors goodbye. The process is similar to dating where the early stages of the chase and initial meetings are euphoric and show so much promise. Later though, when both parties have known each other for a while bad behaviors start creeping and begin to manifest themselves.

Only then do they truly realize who their partner truly is. That’s why so many relationships do not last! Some companies and daters are 100% genuine and truly care about commitment for the long run, not only for the initial exciting chase. Be one of those committed partners!

So what does Day One look like for some employees? On day one many new employees find no phone, no computer, no orientation, no clear objectives, no co-worker introductions, sometimes their boss is even travelling. Many are just given a bunch of documents or papers to read , leaving them to wonder why they chose this company over other similar offers. The early stages of employee attrition begins.
If you want to ensure the relationship between you and your employees is a fruitful and long one ensure your onboarding program is:
1. Fun
Make it memorable, not only as far as content but also by providing employees with moments of levity where they can better understand your culture and allows them to bond to other new employees.
2. Lasts
Ensure the program lasts beyond the initial couple of days of orientation. A great program will be over 60-90 days with a few touch points after the initial session. Every new employee should be assigned a mentor/coach to keep in touch. This is key to reducing early attrition surveys show.
3. Objective based
Ensure the sessions are objective based, so that employees understand that this is how your company works. That there are clear delineations and that focus is key.
Also many great companies ensure employees receive resources and assets of the company ahead of their actual start date so they can familiarize themselves with the companies objectives and goals. Those employees will be more productive and also more likely to stay with your company for the long run. Keep the monster at bay, start an onboarding program or re-vamp your old one.

Francois Guay is a recruitment and talent management consultant, who writes the ‘AttackDefendDisrupt’ blog.

We really welcome any and all contributions from the community, so please feel free to share your views and opinions with us, your colleagues and peers via our blogs section.

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Francois Guay

HR Consultant

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