This won’t be an exaggeration to quote taking minutes of the meeting as one of the least desirable tasks chosen by you or your team of HR personnel. However, this nowhere makes the valuable points of any less importance. The minutes of the meeting are one of the most valuable scripts written during the entire meeting. If still, you have your doubts about the importance of minutes of the meeting, here are 5 points that prove why you must assign this job to someone smart and more reliable:

Minutes of the meeting offer you legal protection:

To ensure that your business is in line with the state laws as we as to keep a backup of your tax return, it is important that you jot down the minutes of the meeting diligently. These points are a map of the future plans of the    board and company leadership and are one of the legal documents considered valid by the auditors, the court and the Internal Revenue Service. The legal experts perceive that if an action is not in the minutes, it really did not happen.

Minutes provide structure:

Despite there being no ideal format to record the minutes of the meeting the legal authorities like IRS and courts advise that the company must put considerable efforts to jot down the import points of the meetings. Hence, the one taking the minutes must ensure that there is a detailed description of how the board of the director or the management reached any particular decision. The minutes must include the name of the organization, date & time, the caller of the meeting and the details of all those attended.

Any conflicts of interest, denial of voting or any other motion made during the meeting must be clearly mentioned in the minutes. It also demands the name of the person who took the minutes.

Minutes push the team in action:

Minutes of the meetings while taken in full efficiency offer a driving force to the management, team as well as the employees. The clarity of the decisions, who made, why they were made, when and under what circumstances the decision was made eliminate any possible ambiguity in the team. Besides all this, minutes of the meeting also offer insight of the meeting to those who failed to attend the meeting.

Minutes are no less than a measuring stick:

Minutes of the meeting when authentically jotted, make a review document of great importance. This review document can be used for measuring the progress. As the minutes have the entire details of duties and accountability they also offer call of action to perform.

Minute’s state ownership:

In the case of voting, the minutes have a clear description of the votes. It has the detail of who voted for whom. This, in the case of a legal complication, offers protection to the company as they have a written proof of the majority votes.

There are many different formats of minutes of the meeting. The experts of corporate secretarial services claim long & detailed minutes the best. However, the choice lies with the management, whether they want long or detailed minutes or short, pointwise minutes of the meeting. No matter what format you choose, these five points must have made it clear why it is important to write the minutes of the meeting.