It is a prime responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that its workforce has a high level of job satisfaction. The leaders of the organizations are constantly directed towards keeping their sales motivated and thus emphasizing on high-level of job satisfaction. Dr. Edwards Deming, an expert says, “The aim of leadership should be to improve the performance of man and machine, to improve quality, to increase output, and simultaneously to bring pride of workmanship to people.” Thus, Human resource department stays in a constant pressure to keep things motivated and productive.

However, this no cakewalks; you need to be efficient enough to find out the reasons of employee dissatisfaction, resolve the issues and assess the factors offering motivation. Meanwhile, you have to constantly check if the motivation level is being maintained or not. To ensure you have a satisfied sales team, here are 5 ways how Human resource department can be helpful:

The journey to a job satisfied sales force begins with a positive work environment. Frank Tarkenton, an expert, says “you have to find what turns people on.” The human resource department has to take steps to ensure the demand and needs of the employee are met. This might ask for going over and above the call of the duty and catering the employees. For instance, you can offer assistance to an employee in arranging necessary documents for SBA loans and he/she will feel working in a co-operative department and thus will have job satisfaction.

Mark Twain once said, “I can live for two months on a good compliment.”   Reward and recognition are two critical tools to ensure your sales team is high on spirits. Simple gestures like a pat on the back, name on the bulletin board, a note from the manager or a peer can magically boost the satisfaction level of an employee. It is not always money that keeps the employee motivated, but a small gesture is enough to ensure higher motivational levels.

Human resource department must, time to time, develop strategies to hone the skills and potentials of the sales team. Training and education play an important role in keeping employees satisfied. It not only help employees enrich their knowledge base but also enable organizations to boost their productivity with the honed workforce. The human resource department can design tests and assess the employees individually. Offering the employees a personal note on their strength and weaknesses as well as the areas of improvisation can help them feel motivated and valued.

The highest satisfaction level is attained when an employee gets a chance to contribute to an organization. Employees have ideas and strategies and need a platform to deliver these ideas. If the human resource department develops a channel for open communication, the sales force will come up with more ideas and enthusiasm to make them work.

Last but the most important thing is to ensure that job satisfaction is an ongoing process. The employees must feel the same way throughout otherwise the effects of all these exercises will come back to ground zero. The human resource department must judge the satisfaction level of the employees time to time and take necessary actions to ensure a constant level of satisfaction in employees.