Corporations and organizations succeed by virtue its strategies and a lot of hard work put up by its employees. There is a great strength in a team effort as it can change the fortunes of a company. This is the very reason why companies go an extra mile to make their employees happy and satisfied. Throwing corporate parties is one way to value the employees, and rightly so.

However, if you have been following the same pattern year after year, your office party might not spill the desired magic and eventually get stale. It’s time to deliver something unexpected to your staff. It will definitely infuse a fresh lease of enthusiasm and energy among them.

Having said that, budget always becomes a major challenge in organizing extravagant parties in order to keep employees happy. It, therefore, needs a touch of creativity on the part of organizers to include ideas that will make a win-win situation for stakeholder.

Here are some tips for a unique corporate holiday party:

  1. Find the most suitable venue

Selecting party venues is an important part of the planning because whether it’s a private place or an awe-inspiring garden, a venue can make or break a party. The party venue should be a place that suits and reflects the personality or culture of your office. For most occasions, venues are decided by budget, number of attendees and type of events. You need to pay special focus on the ambience and size of the venue to make sure that the space accommodates the perfect mingling of guests.

  1. Make it a theme based party

Party planners know the value of a theme, as a great theme could set the mood of every guest and drive the whole event. An attractive theme of your party will certainly raise the energy and excitement levels of your party. It will greatly help you in keeping your employees energized and it will fill them with good will. There are many unique themes that you can choose from. For example, you can ask your guests to dress up like their favorite superheroes or you can choose a period based theme like Game of Thrones.

  1. Incorporate various contests

Corporate parties are all about getting to know with each other better. The more interaction among the personnel of various departments, the better will be for the company’s growth. They will learn to work with each other in a more product manner. So, encourage them to get in on the fun. You can organize various contests and competitions among your employees. The people who are introvert and quiet will find this a perfect opportunity to express themselves. Some of the ideas regarding contests could be “escape room adventure” where a few colleagues will be trapped in a room. They will have to escape from there within a specified time period by solving puzzles and clues. Another party game could be “the alphabet chain” where one member of two separate groups has to draw a chit and say a word that starts with the letter written in it.

  1. Put a twist with impressive cocktails

Cocktails, toasts and booze are commonplace as far as corporate parties are concerned. This time give it an impressive twist of creativity. You can get mini bottles from your local liquor and wine store and prepare the cocktails well before the time. You can customize these drinks according to the theme of the event. You can create custom wine labels and put them on these mini bottles. That way you can enjoy your party, and socialize and entertain your employees as well as other guests.

  1. Create a unique DIY photo booth

The DIY photo booth ideas will make your office party a real fun. In this age of social media display profiles and selfies, photo booths are going to be a rage. You can choose different places at the venue and designate them as photo booths and customize the backdrop with various colors and designs or portraits. There are many ways by which you can create attractive photo booths, for example, a mine craft balloon wall, paper fan backdrop or a superhero photo booth.

  1. Show your gesture with party favors

You can extend your warmth to your employees by presenting gifts and favors. Just show them how valuable they are for you by putting a thank you note on those gifts. There could be many things that you can give to your staff such as mini liquor bottles, coffee mugs, wrist bands etc. You can also incorporate a gift exchange event in which the co-workers can interact and exchange gifts with each other.

  1. Serve delicious food

The food you are going to serve in your party should satiate your each and every guest. Treat your colleagues and employees with some healthy and delicious foods. You can negotiate with your local healthy food vendors to complete the demand for food. There is a whole list of party foods that may include some of the most exotic foods, for example, smoked salmon, cranberry almond balls, hamburgers, pizzas, bacon-wrapped pineapple, mini-turkey meatballs etc.

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