Lately, we’re seeing more interest centered around the collaboration between artificial intelligence and human resources. Thanks to the advancement of AI technologies, personalized learning programs, interactive assessments, chatbots, scheduling programs, and more data-driven processes, human resources is able to save valuable time, energy, and become more exact in their activities. AI in HR are intersecting in onboarding, training, scheduling, and many other related areas, building more efficient day to day operations and stronger more quality relationships with employees.


Online courses and digital classrooms are a popular and common way that HR departments implement AI technology into their training programs. AI capabilities reach beyond online courses and can be customized to specific areas, or even roles. Additionally, AI technology can assist HR teams to organize, structure and plan programs for employees.

AI can adapt the training sessions specific to your new employees according to the job description and their own personal availability and time frame. New employees will appreciate the individual attention and HR teams will love they have a trusted new process in place to monitor and execute successful training.


Many great online tools exist today to make the hiring process more simple for your organization’s human resources team. Recruiters Lineup can match your organization, at no cost, with the right recruiters, search firms or headhunters through a simple online form.

That being said, recruiting is only half the battle. Once you’ve found your star candidates, the onboarding process is undertaken by the HR team. Through this process, candidates need to assimilate seamlessly into their new role. New employees tend to take a lot of time and resources from the HR team as everything from payroll to company culture needs to be explained and addressed.

New AI developments are making the onboarding process easier for HR team and can save valuable time and resources for your organization. New developments in artificial intelligence for HR allow for the onboarding process to be customized specifically for each position in the company. A detailed, thorough and pleasant onboarding experience can mean happier employees and higher retention rates.


Your organization’s human resources team is likely swamped with scheduling between various departments and management levels. Amy and Andrew Ingram are an AI scheduling technology that allows your team to save their precious time and energy scheduling and rescheduling meetings. Instead, Amy and Andrew connect to your HR team’s calendars and take care of it all from there, implementing a seamless and effective schedule management system.

We are just now at the beginning of AI technological developments and understanding how they can be interpreted and implemented into human resources programs and processes. Through process streamlining apps to improving communication with chatbots, we cannot wait to see what other time and resource saving AI technological developments lie in store for HR.