Did you know that 30% of employee performance reviews actually lead to decreased performance? That’s right — as an employer, your well-intentioned efforts to motivate your employees may actually discourage them from putting their all into their jobs.

Managers across industries are quickly realizing the longheld, traditional concept of the annual performance review isn’t actually all that effective at motivating employees to improve in their jobs.

That’s not to say you should stop monitoring your employees’ efforts, or refrain from giving feedback; the key lies in the way you give that feedback. More and more employers are embracing alternative review methods (either in place of, or alongside their annual review) to better convey goals, concerns, and constructive criticism. A new infographic from BirdDogHR — leading provider of talent management software for Construction, Manufacturing, and Engineering employers — outlines modern methods for reviewing employee performance in a way that gets your employees excited to work even harder towards their goals.

Check out the full infographic below to find a new idea that fits your team culture.