Causes and solutions for high staff turnover rates

High staff turnover rates can become a serious hassle when you are in need of larger numbers of staff to be employed at all times.

Sector specific issues with turnover

Businesses in any sector can find themselves with relatively high turnover rates, causing wide ranging issues with for example shift cover, productivity, stress and absence rates,  meeting deadlines and production.

However some sectors are particularly prone to high staff turnover due to the nature of their business and type of employees they attract. Examples of such industries are hospitality, customer service and call centres, sales, retail and nursing.

Causes of high turnover

There are many causes for high turnover, and in some cases there is little a business can do about it. This for example is the case when a business recruits mainly students looking for part-time employment.

Luckily, in many situations a business does have a reasonable amount of control over their turnover rates, and can aim to minimise the main causes.

Research has shown that employees who left businesses mainly did so because of feeling treated unfairly or felt they were given an unreasonable workload, saw a lack of growth opportunities, weren’t feeling recognised or were in disagreement with their line management.

Retention strategies

Based on the main causes for high staff turnover, staff retention strategies can encompass many areas of HR.

Proven solutions for the reduction of turnover rates include better management of workload so employees aren’t left stressed and frustrated, providing opportunities for growth, offering the appropriate pay and benefit packages and promoting equality in the workplace.

Promoting equality is not just beneficial for reducing turnover rates; it’s also a legal requirement. Businesses are required to treat their staff members fairly, no matter their gender, race, religion or disability.

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