Adam Reynolds, webonboarding CEO discusses how a digital solution can enhance engagement and create a better experience for a new onboardee by managing admin and giving your business more time to provide a more personalised experience.

Technology has transformed so many areas of business, yet there still seems to be a big resistance to change, with HR teams fearing it might desensitize and remove the personal touch despite it’s benefits achieving the opposite.

The HR industry in particular is very much at the forefront of the business when dealing with people and representing the brand and company culture. The pressure of constructing and distributing all the paperwork for each individual new employee can bring a lot of stress for the HR function, with time often at a premium and an increased administrative overhead, there can be a lot of errors, despite best intentions this gives a negative first impression.

Move to digital or be left behind

We do everything online now, whether it’s buying food, clothes or hunting for a new job, most areas of business are shifting towards digital for improved efficiency and accuracy. Therefore, it seems ludicrous that the onboarding process should be left in the dark age.

There are so many elements of the onboarding process that can be improved with technology, freeing up time so it can be better spent on engaging with the new starter. With an increasing amount of companies seeking technological support to provide a better customer experience and more and more millenials stepping onto the career ladder it’s seems the ample time to take the plunge to compete for the best talent.

There’s no second chance to achieve a first impression

As soon as the new onboardee has verbally accepted a job offer, it’s important to nurture and provide a great experience so they feel their decision was one for the better. In addition, this strong line of communication and support should then be maintained.

A new employee will feel a combination of nerves and excitement when accepting a new role, so it’s imperative to play on the latter starting with a correct and timely contract. With an online system you can rid your business of the administrative headache by using templated contracts and digital signing, saving time with both the onboardee having the option to sign and submit and the HR team having full visibility of where the new starter is in the process.

Pre-first day planning

Digitising the admin of the onboardee checklist, enables quick allocation of tasks required for the first day. For example equipment and pre-first day prep to key stakeholders and having notifications as and when completed.

It’s important to provide support to a new starter ahead of their first day so they don’t feel forgotten about, this can be achieved by a welcome video to introduce them to the team or a quick virtual tour around the office. This enables them to connect and engage with their new team and working environment before their start date.

Pre-boarding training

By supplying pre-training materials on an online portal for the generic topics such as health and safety and policies, it frees up time on the onboardees first day to connect with their new team. Using a digital system enables each task and piece of reading to be recorded online as and when it has been carried out.

Ultimately the training that shapes their role and goals will take place during their induction so they can work closely with their peers to understand the business objectives and what it is to succeed. Emotional attachment can’t happen via a program, so using a digital system for all the generic training and documentation enables more time for all the core mentoring and coaching to happen during the induction.

In a 2017 global survey, 79% agreed they would have settled in quicker had there been a better onboarding process. Businesses need to make sure an onboardee’s first day is an engaging and smooth one. A good first day will allow the new starter to feel that immediately they are an integral part of the team and therefore builds an emotional connection. So let a digital system do all the admin so you can provide a fantastic experience for your new starters.