Ten years ago, could you visualize that all your business processes would be automated and finished quickly? It was an idea but not put into practice. Technology has simplified the working operations of small-scale businesses. Pen and paper has been replaced by computers, laptops, software and other digital documents. There is no doubt that automation and new apps have helped in speeding up each task. This has saved a lot of time and manual efforts of employees.

How can HR technology be used in small-scale businesses? Check out this article to know more.

Make Use of the Cloud

Share your files and data with your colleagues and clients with the help of the Cloud. Create your documents and manage them. You can schedule emails and manage your time effectively by using calendars. Cloud keeps your business data safe by keeping a backup of the same. By syncing it with your devices, you can even work out of office.


CV automation is an excellent technology which has given a speedy push to the recruitment process. Now managing and analyzing resumes has become much easier than before. A resume parser tool helps businesses by filtering candidate information from his resume into pre-designed fields. Relevant candidates are identified which helps recruiters in filling up jobs quickly.

Get the Most out of Social Media

Social media has become an important tool to be used for promoting your business. It is a part of each business plan. Client relationship building is one aspect which can be worked upon by engaging clients in a discussion on social channels. An excellent advantage of using this platform is quick response from clients. Any issue can be sorted out in a few seconds instead of sending a letter to the client and waiting for its revert which takes many days.

Automated Payroll Software

There is a lot of probability for errors when salary is calculated manually. The computation of total hours, overtime done of each employee demands a lot of time and focused efforts. With automation, calculation can be done with a simple click. This ensures accuracy and makes the payroll system organized.

The Power of Videos

Videos are an excellent way to promote your business. Make an estimate of your budget and create videos by using a video editing software, animation software or with professional actors. You can market them on your website and social channels. Work on a storyline and share your ideas with your clients through visuals.

Use Invoicing Software

You do not need to visit your clients in person for collecting money. Online systems for invoicing are the best way to work faster and effectively. Generate invoices, contact your clients and get payment anytime from any part of the world. Many invoice software also have a time-tracking feature which gives the clients information about total working hours you need to be paid for.

Project Management Systems

You can use project management systems for creating projects, doing tasks and viewing progress and reports. Share your emails and get an instant reply by using email management software. Increase your productivity and manage your time effectively with the help of time tracking tools. 

Automation is the key to getting difficult tasks finished in no time. With a low budget, small-scale businesses also have limited number of employees to perform operations. They need a solution which can complete numerous jobs in one go. Thus, adopting technology is quite beneficial for such companies.

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