There is never a dull moment in the field of technology. These rapid changes in technology are replacing the old processes and patterns in every field and human resource is no different. To work effectively, even HR professionals need to adapt to contemporary HR systems swiftly.

Automated processes, cloud-based systems, innovative applications provide HR professionals access to real-time data backed by concrete information. And this results in more efficient processes. Here are 4 ways how companies can make use of latest technology to improve human resource management.

1. Automation improves productivity- Establishing human connection is the ultimate goal of human resource professionals and here automation can play a big role. As automation helps in streamlining tasks and also greatly reduces the time to complete these tasks. By this, HR and recruiting professionals get enough time to develop meaningful relationships with the employees.         

As we know HR professionals often get occupied with the mundane tasks and this leaves no room for them to be more personal in their communications. With the use of automated technology, they are able to take out time for more constructive tasks and bring the best talent on board.

 Tip- Before investing on an automation software, you need to thoroughly analyze which tasks are holding them back on the human element of recruiting. Then, do a market research which software will be a good fit for all your tasks.

2. Use of Feedback apps for better employee engagement- Taking feedback from employees is essential for any organization be it a startup or a big multinational company. Effective feedback help companies make more informed decisions and establish a great work culture. Traditional methods of feedback are redundant now and have many drawbacks.

However, with the emergence of feedback apps companies can actively take employee feedback as and when required without waiting for an annual review. Besides, unlike traditional feedback methods, with apps pieces of information flows more freely and maintains the privacy by offering the option of anonymity.

Tip- Opt for a feedback app or communication platform to conduct an anonymous survey at your workplace on any organizational matters from remuneration to after-work activities. It will help you get some valuable feedback that will improve the overall work experience and engage your employees better.

3. Connects employees worldwide- Video-conferencing has made recruiting, interviewing, and connecting with candidates fast & quick. Here, technology bridges the gap between interviewee and interviewer. It completely cuts down on the travel expenditure and gives HR professionals an opportunity to connect with a candidate in a face-to-face interview. It gives just human-like interaction and makes recruiting easier.

Further, it allows HR pros to connect with the dispersed global workforce, conduct productive meetings regarding appraisals, any new product launch, re-design of company logo, the hiring of new employees, activities, training, development, and more.

Tip- One click face-to-face interactions are essential to create the human experience and technology has made it possible. Once people could only connect over the email or phone and now are able to interact with each other, see one another, irrespective of the distance.

4. Improves personalization-With evolving tools, HR processes, and functionality is no more limited to standard manual procedures and piles of paperwork. Technology has broken this monotony, and has completely digitized the information or data HR needs to access and process. Instead, personalization is the future of HR and helps in making every employee’s experience different from the other employee’s experience.

To provide more personalized experience to the employees, HR professionals need to design individual training & learning material, individual compensation & benefits, individual job responsibilities and more.

Tip- With so many HR portals and available platforms HR professionals can manage individualized data collection to ensure a more improved &  personalized experience for each employee in the company.

Wrap Up- There is no doubt that present technology trends are reshaping the way HR professionals function and carry out their core processes. Though, despite the potential impact,  a majority of companies still haven’t made the switch to modern HR systems. However, as we barrel into the future of technology, it becomes necessary for companies to embrace these technological advancements and stay ahead of the curve.

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