Many of us spend a minimum of forty hours a week at work, we’re there first thing in the morning often with our breakfast, until the evening when it’s time to think about dinner.

It becomes our second home, so ensuring that it’s a comfortable environment is extremely important for the happiness of your staff.

A positive working environment should not be underestimated, it can truly do wonders for staff morale and increase motivation, productivity and enthusiasm.

You don’t have to go totally OTT and max-out the business card to make your working area comfortable either! There are tonnes of ways you can create a vibrant work station for your employees, it just takes a little passion and creativity.

Why not try out these ideas to give your office a little employee-friendly overhaul?

Go Open Plan

Cubicles are so 2003, right? It’s all about open plan working these days. Successfully integrating your staff and encouraging positive team work!

There’s nothing fun or inspiring about being stuck in a cubicle with very little interaction for nine hours a day. Open plan working allows for a warm and welcoming environment which both your staff and your visitors will love.

Offer A Little Comfort

Sitting in the same position for nine hours a day is not good for your sanity! Offer workers a welcome break by creating a comfortable ‘chill out’ area in the office.

Comfy chairs, pillows and a fluffy rug, to enable them to kick back for a few minutes when times get a little stressful or they need to give their eyes a break from the screen.

Increase the Facilities

Considering the amount of combined time your employees will spend in the office, it’s definitely worth going above and beyond for facilities to ensure their needs are being met, from an office watercooler to a coffee machine. 

Add Homely Touches

Ok, you don’t need to go out and purchase an office teddy bear, just a few simple additions such as fresh flowers and interesting wall art can do the trick. You could go crazy and cover your office walls in sticky notes (remember that guy?) but if you’re less creative then a canvas will do.

A Lick of Paint

Peeling paint makes for a great interior touch, said no one EVER. Clean up the walls and give them a fresh lick of paint. The office will look much crisper, and not to mention more professional!

Hopefully these top tips will give you a little food for thought as to how you can make positive changes to your working space, in order to maximise the productivity and happiness of your staff. You’ll be amazed at how the environment can cause a change in attitudes and team morale. 

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