A landscape fuelled by fear and uncertainty means people are increasingly reliant on their employer to protect their wellbeing.  

But has this expectation gone too far? 

Yes, employers have a duty of care to their workforce, but the burden is too great for them to carry alone.   

Encouraging ownership 

Now is the time for businesses to encourage and support employees to take control of their own health and wellbeing.  

What to eat and how much to exercise is, of course, down to the individual. Yet employers can provide the right tools and advice to make it easier for employees to follow a healthy lifestyle. The major incentive to get this right is that healthy employees are more likely to do well.  

Empowering employees 

It’s easy to sound patronising when talking about health, and no employer wants to alienate their workforce by preaching at them.  

Here are some practical ways businesses can help employees take control of their own health, while respecting privacy and personal boundaries:  

The focus should be on providing support for people to take control of their own physical, social and mental wellbeing. This will help employees to live a healthier lifestyle and be a valuable asset to the business.  

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