The remote work model was thrust upon businesses by the COVID pandemic, but its immense benefits have ensured that it cannot be shelved totally. A large number of businesses are adopting a hybrid model of work with 66% of employers across the globe redesigning their workplaces to implement a hybrid work system. The willingness to continue with the remote way of work is visible in employees too with 58% of the respondents of a survey wanting to be full-time remote employee post-pandemic, while 39% want a hybrid work environment. This hybrid mode work model works well for businesses but poses a significant challenge in the form of finding ways to keep the remote teams engaged and contented.

Pros and Cons of Remote Working

While remote working saves a lot of time and money that would otherwise be spent on travelling, it creates in the employees, a sense of being less engaged or left out from the normal operations of a company. Not being an active part of the business meetings or programs can lead to reduced productivity and discontentment among the employees. To avoid such a situation, companies need to find ways to keep their remote employees engaged and involved besides motivating them to continue doing their best. An effective way to keep your remote employees engaged and motivated is to organize special events and inspirational talks, send nature-inspired gifts and hold wellness discussions.

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Ways to Keep Remote Employees Happy and Engaged

Employees are willing to take up remote jobs that offer them flexibility as well as the security and benefits that come with regular office-based jobs. A survey revealed that the top three benefits that remote employees are looking for are healthcare, professional development, and coaching. Employers need to take measures and introduce programs that help remote workers to feel happy, satisfied, and engaged. Here are some ways in which you can keep your employees happy and engaged:

1. Encourage Health and Wellness – A healthy employee is bound to be happy and more productive. To encourage the health and wellness of your employees you can offer them a wellness package, organize wellness workshops and reward them for healthy habits. Interactive workshops educating them about healthy habits and foods in a fun way can do wonders.

2. Host Virtual Events and Get Togethers – An excellent way to keep remote employees engaged is to host virtual events and get together and seek their active participation. Plan the events with the help of experts who can design and plan some special and personalized merchandise and even take the responsibility of shipping them. Virtual events do not have to be work-related only. You can even plan meets for fun occasions like celebrating a festival or for the appreciation of the work done by employees or achieving a milestone.

3. Reward and Appreciate Their Work – Give equal attention to all the employees even the ones working remotely. To keep them motivated appreciate their work, thank them or even reward them on occasions like their work anniversary. You can even do so on a team video call. Send beautiful nature-inspired gifts like indoor plants or saplings on their special days like birthdays and anniversaries.

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4. Keep the Communication Doors Open – Ensure that employees do not hesitate in sharing their experiences or problems or voice their concerns. Make it clear that they can get in touch with any kind of issue and that you are open for one-to-one meetings also. Ensure that special announcements are communicated to them directly and not just via e-mail or message. Remote employees feel more engaged and committed if they that their employers care for them.

5. Plan Special Sessions Based on Their Strengths and Weaknesses Training – To ensure that your employees perform well and enhance their strengths while working to remove their weaknesses, you can organize special training sessions. One-to-one interactions to help them overcome their weaknesses go a long way in boosting employee confidence and motivating them to do better.

While remote working has emerged as an attractive proposition for employees, they are looking for employers who value their well-being in addition to their growth and development. Businesses can take the help of expert agencies offering products and solutions to keep their remote teams happy and productive.

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