The mobile learning explosion has tempted many organisations into simply making anything and everything available for mobile, whether it’s suitable or not.

This may be due to pressure from management and their desire to get everything onto mobile ‘now’. eLearning courses built using flexible development tools are easy to transport across platforms. But making all your eLearning and other learning materials available on mobile devices is not always going to produce a desirable learning experience.

To help you understand how to produce the best mobile learning experience for mobile devices, I’ve devised four categories.

1. Your employees

What do your employees want and need? This sounds obvious but is often missed and training pushed rather than requested. Make sure you know:

2. The Business

Having established what your employees need you then need to see what the business they work in wants, needs and is doing already.

3. Current training

Examine current training programs to establish how mobile learning will fit in. It should add to and enhance the current program rather than duplicating it or replacing it.

4. Technology

Avoid basic traps here. Don’t come up with iOS solutions for an audience of Android users because that’s what the CEO wanted.

Make sure you know: