Most organisations have a set of brilliant employees who perform far beyond standard expectations – often known as “star performers.” On the surface there are no underlying problems with these people, after all, they are super productive.

However, handling these people effectively in a team can become difficult over time. You work hard to find good people and then grow them into star performers, so don't let them get away!

Use these 5 Tips to keep your star performers happy and motivated:

1. Don’t take them for granted 

Don’t sit too comfortably just because the employment market is tight. High performers will find their way to new organisations even in a recession. If they are bored, unchallenged, or simply not passionate about where their work, they will find a solution.

Often, we just don’t give enough time to asking questions like:

2. Your star performers are different 

Top performers are usually people who need a different form of motivation in order to stay passionate about their jobs. For them, self-motivation is an innate thing. It is the fuel for their success. They do not need your help with that. However, they DO need you to feed the fire.

3. Understand their motivation

What exactly feeds the fire? That could be different for each over-achiever you employ. It’s not just money or power or leaving a legacy that excites them. Finding out the primary motivators and the values that they need to have in their workplace is an incredibly cheap investment in comparison to losing invaluable employees.

There are several assessment tools in the market. All of them, in one way or another, promise the same things. The key is for you to be able to interpret their results so you can manage your high performers accordingly.

4. Coach them on what’s next 

Stars thrive on executing results. Rarely do they sit down and reflect on the things that “just happen.” Their visionary thinking is important for your organisation, but their reflection is equally important.

Be patient, encourage self-reflection, show them that you care for them and you want to know how they feel. Encourage genuine dialogues, connect with them on a personal level, and let them rely on you for your partnership.

5. Encourage input & participation 

Star performers are not likely to sit quietly and simply do as they’re told. They want to be in the limelight. They want to make decisions. They want to shine. Be sure to create an environment where they can do just that.

Ask for their opinions, investigate options they offer, and involve them in as many areas as you can. Then… take the time to recognise them. After all, what good does it do for a star to shine all by itself? Stars love to shine where all can see!

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