A direct positive connection between employee passion and customer devotion has been documented in the literature through both hard and soft measures.

In fact, the most powerful connection found in the research was the link between employee passion and customer devotion. When employees are passionate about what they do, clear about roles and goals, and perceive that the organization is fair and just in its treatment of coworkers and customers, the impact on their desire to serve the customer is tremendous. Employees who lack passion take it out on the customer.

Studies clearly link employee job and company satisfaction to customer satisfaction. In other words, the way that leaders treat employees is the way that employees will treat the customer.

*Results confirm significant relationships between various climate indicators. Information seeking, training, and rewards and recognition proved to have the strongest relationship to customer satisfaction.

*Additionally, divisions of an organization that invest in service delivery training experience a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

*The key to organizational vitality is creating an environment that allows employees to win and be passionate about what they do. By taking care of employees, leaders establish an environment in which the employees take care of the customers at a level that causes the customer to want to return year after year.

***(Study by the Ken Blanchard Research Organization)

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