Do you rush from task-to-task and tell yourself (and others) that you don’t have time to get everything done? Or maybe, you’re at your limit – operating at 110% for weeks on end?

It might be time to push the “pause button” so you can catch up. Sometimes you need to stop in order to get ahead!

Pausing to ask yourself what, how, and why you’re doing things can be exactly what you need in order to resume forward progress.

Here are 5 times you need to push that “pause button”:

1. You’re behind

When you’re behind, you may need to hit the brakes in order to move forward again. If you’re always working on yesterday’s work, you’ll never give today’s the attention it needs. Take a pause now and catch up.

2. You’re delivering less

When you’re delivering less than your best or the quality of your work has slipped, then it’s time to stop and assess the reason. Often, you know it. Pause and get your performance back up to your standards.

3. You’ve no time

Stop, when I already don’t have enough time? Rushing. Pause. Stop and throttle back. If you have 7 appointments today, maybe you need to pause and evaluate. You’ll thank yourself for slowing down and re-calculating.

4. You’re unfocused

Ever find yourself doing something you know you shouldn’t be doing?

If you find yourself getting caught up in the trivial stuff and not getting in to your most important work, you need to stop and re-prioritise. Never confuse being busy with being productive. Or perhaps, your behaviour has become self-destructive? (See Tip 5)

5. You need a break

No one can operate above their limits for too long. Everyone needs to take time out to ‘sharpen the saw’. You’ll burn yourself out if you don’t pause and recharge. Don’t let your health or behaviour be your un-doing.