The global coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is pushing several businesses to take extraordinary steps to keep their workers safe and healthy. Thus, leaving organizations with the only alternative to allow their employees to work from home or remotely. Organizations are opting for cloud-based systems like leave management software or HRMS software to efficiently manage basic HR functions like leave, attendance, payroll management, and many more. 

Complex or not, remote working is now proving to become a new normal for many businesses across the world. While organizations are trying their best to support their employees during this transition phase, here are some tips to help employees effectively work from home

Create Your Own Workspace 

It is good to have a dedicated place for work, hence start with looking for that right place at your home. If you have a spare room, then it is even better! If not, set up your workstation somewhere in the house with less disturbance. Even simple things like using the same side of the table every day will help you get in “work mode.” 

Arrange your workspace the way you prefer it to be. Ensure that your equipment is placed appropriately according to your convenience. Get all your stuff on the table right from your coffee mug to your speakers, whatever makes you feel comfortable.   

Ensure You Have the Right Tools 

Use tools that allow everyone to work on documents and projects at the same time. Use collaboration tools like Teams, Zoom, Slack, etc. to collaborate and work together with your colleagues. Don’t limit yourself to audio calls and emails. Video-based meetings enables you to have direct interactions, easy file sharing, real-time screen sharing, etc. and is much easier than voice calls.  

Add Workout to Your Daily Routine 

First things first, social distancing is key in order to stay safe from Covid-19. However, to stay fit you need to be vigilant and start working out to take care of your physical health. Spend some time in a workout daily.  

Several gyms and applications are also providing free meditation and workout sessions. Stretching as well is greatly beneficial. Stretch your back, arms, and neck if you feel sore. Give the shoulders and wrists a little movement at frequent intervals. 

Mental Health is as Important as Physical Fitness! 

Connect with your teammates and make room for a little chat, stories, and knowledge-sharing. Create stuff like collaborative Spotify playlists, or take a break and watch something on Netflix to have a virtual party.  

Choose to start and stop working on time and remember not to have meetings out of your room. It feels good for many of us to put on some work clothes and get ready for the day. 

Stay Connected and Communicate More 

Take a brief break and call mates who are trapped at home, too. They are lonely, alone, too, and they’d like to hear from you, occasionally. Choose the right tools for communication and ensure a smooth flow of information.  

Sometimes, these small talks can help you with clearing the doubts you may have about the product or the process in the organization. Also, it will facilitate better collaboration and teamwork across various departments.   

Even in the time of crisis, remote working has come to our rescue to ensure that this pandemic does not affect business operations. Therefore, follow these tips to make sure that you are efficient and productive while working remotely.  

Stay Home! Stay Safe!