Digital marketing is a vast field and at the same time, it’s a very welcoming field too for people with varied educational backgrounds. However, there are certain tech skills for digital marketing that are necessary if you want to be successful.

Regardless of your designation in the digital marketing field, you should develop these tech skills to level up your game and increase your employability and career prospects.

So, which tech skills do you need to acquire?

Let’s find out.

Tech skills you need for a successful digital marketing career

Here are the various tech skills that you must possess to craft a successful career in digital marketing. Even if you’re already in the field, these will help you upskill yourself and increase the chances of employers hiring you or paying you better for your services.

1. Video creation/editing

Video content has become the go-to form of content for numerous brands. One of the major reasons for this is that videos can seamlessly communicate information in a short time. Additionally, videos are more engaging than other forms of content like text and images. 

In a world where people are pressed for time, videos have become a great way to market your brand. That’s the reason why nearly 93 percent of marketers in a survey said that videos are an important part of their marketing strategies. 

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What’s more?

Videos are also 2x more likely to get shared than other forms of content on social media. Also, 69 percent of people prefer watching videos to learn about a product or service. 

Due to their immense popularity, brands frequently look for video creators and editors. So, to improve your employability and career prospects, you should consider video creation and editing skills. Figure out what goes into the process and learn how to use the best tools in the industry such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro X. 

2. Data analysis

Data-driven decision-making and marketing is the next big thing in digital marketing as it helps you target your customers better with more accurate messaging. However, for data-driven marketing, it’s essential to collect and then analyze customer data. 

That’s where data analysis comes into the picture. Data analysts analyze large collections of customer data using data analysis tools to find patterns. This data could be based on visitors’ activity on your website, search queries, content consumed, etc. These patterns can then be evaluated and leveraged to modify your marketing messaging. It helps in customer retention and builds a loyal customer base.

The idea is to personalize your messaging as much as possible so that it’s relevant to your audience. 

To improve your career prospects, you should also learn how to do data cleaning and data analysis. This is the process of keeping your data well organized and clean so that any unwanted or incomplete data isn’t present in the database. This will help you make better decisions as the data in the database would be accurate. 

3. SEO related skills

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important digital marketing strategy for growing your business. It can help boost web traffic, lead generation, and sales. 

So, whether you’re a writer or a marketer, it’s essential to have some tech knowledge of SEO best practices and tools. 

And why is that?

As a content writer, you must be able to optimize your copy for SEO so that its chances of ranking higher in searches improve. Additionally, as a marketer, you should be well-versed with the latest SEO knowledge and important SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. 

Many brands regularly look for SEO specialists or content writers with SEO-related skills to take their organic traffic to the next level and these tech skills can help you get those jobs.

4. Social media marketing

Social media is equally important for the growth of any brand and can influence your career in digital marketing. 

However, to succeed on social media, you need to have technical skills to understand how to create content and publish it. 

Some of the things you need to know include:

It’s essential to possess these tech skills to execute your campaigns. Or, if you hire an agency for influencer marketing or social media, you must be in a position to understand whether they’re delivering results or not and these skills will enable you to do that.

5. Email marketing

Like SEO and social media marketing, email marketing is yet another important digital marketing strategy. In fact, nearly 87 percent of marketers use it regularly to increase the reach of their content. 

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So, to become a good digital marketer, you must acquire the right tech skills to plan and execute email marketing campaigns to perfection. 

Additionally, you must have knowledge related to A/B testing, improving email deliverability, managing your email list, etc.

You should also learn how to create dynamic email campaigns and drip campaigns and how to use the best email marketing tools out there such as Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign.

6. Graphic design

Visuals are essential components of digital marketing and for this, brands and agencies require graphic designers. 

To be eligible for these positions, you have to learn how to use the most popular graphic design tools like Adobe Photoshop to design attractive graphics. 

Even if you don’t intend to build a career as a graphic designer, you should have basic design skills. Additionally, you must gain some experience using popular web-based design tools so that you can create infographics and other designs whenever necessary. This is a tech skill that can come in handy for all digital marketing campaigns. 

Final thoughts

To have a successful career in digital marketing, it’s essential to have the right set of tech skills. From video creation and editing to learning how to optimize your website and content for SEO, it’s important to keep yourself updated even if you’re an experienced professional.

What’s more?

It’s also crucial to keep upgrading your skill sets by learning how to use new tools related to graphic design, email marketing, and social media. 

All of these tech skills can come in handy when you’re applying for a pay raise or a new job and can give your career a boost.

Do you have any questions related to how these skills can impact your career? Ask them in the comments section

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